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When space is at a premium, you need to learn how to maximise every square inch. Modern living often demands ingenuity from city-dwellers who are forced to fit everything they need into shoeboxes. When all you have is a handful of floor space to work with, figuring out how to create a good layout is a challenge. You will sometimes have to make one area serve two or more functions. For instance, the kitchen and dining area may be combined. A room could be used as a home office in the morning and a bedroom at night. If it's particularly small, then wallbeds may be utilized.

Read more about wallbeds

What They Look Like?

Wallbeds have a frame that looks like a normal bed when in the horizontal position. The difference is that the whole assembly can be raised from the ground from a pivot point at one end such that the frame stands parallel to a wall. In this vertical position, you can hide the mattress from view and be left with a clear floor. Sometimes they come as a simple barebones frame. At other times, they come with side cabinets that effectively provide camouflage while giving tons of storage. These can have a wood finish or be paint in any colour you want to blend with the rest of the room.

How are They Operated?

Since these have to be moved, there is often a mechanism that you can use to make things easier. Some can go up or down with just the push of a button or the flick of a switch. A motor will gradually provide the power required such that even a child or a senior can use it without any worries. Others will need the push of a lever and manual action. There may be built-in mechanisms that prevent a vertical frame from suddenly crashing on the floor for safety.

Who Might Benefit from Them?

Anyone who wishes to maximise their current living space will benefit from wallbeds. Those who are living in studio apartments will love having one as they can convert one section to a living room during the day and turn it to a bedroom during the night. They can have more floor area from exercise, work, chores, and other activities when they want to. The mattress can be hidden away and no one will suspect it. Guests can be invited over without hesitation as there will be enough room for everyone to sit and enjoy.